Wednesday, July 29, 2009


well my life has been a roller coster lately. but i wanted to share my favorite band with everyone. i first heard red hot chili peppers when i was in 6th grade and till this day they have been my favorite band. if you don't know you need to step your game up. they have to be the best funk punk metal band ever alive. i remember my first band we started "crazy cool medallions" sophmore year we played under the bridge at battle of the bands and some other songs we made and covered by RRCP and we won!! ever sense me and music has always been my get away. i love to cook don't get me wrong but music has always been my first love. the way it makes people move and feel and so much more. its amazing! when i was younger my uncle used to play me metallica ,iron maiden, pantera, black sabbeth and many more. well he played a song of red hot chili peppers called "one big mob" and i was amazed. well enough the life story heres some videos of red hot one of the best bands alive. oh by the way i am such a big fan in 2006 i got front row seats to see them at oracle in oakland and paided 250 for it i think? maybe more. but i got the chance to shake anthony,flea and johns hand. it was amazing best show i've ever been to okay the videos.

well i love all the songs they do but i think this is enough for now enjoy. lisghin to californication tho the intro is so sick!!!



its been super long. iv'e been so busy with work, and going out with new people and having a great time. been with my band as well, we have been working on some stuff for the past month. all i have been doing lately is work,band,cakes and POD (party or die) raging. people have been telling me to sleep more. well the way i live is people say they need sleep i say they need to live more. life is short but i know i need sleep. i actually went to sleep for 15 hours straight on sunday! it was major but now i am ready to POD again . i haven't posted anything in so long but i shall soon. got my hours cut so fuck you recession. and i have more time to hang out party and blog. 


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


if you haven't heard of AVIATORS step it up. fabrio and eardrum have been working on remix's for awhile and man its major.  so DL there album now AVIATORS. it crazy 



don't sleep on it. if you haven't heard yet imperium has a launch of cloths in union city on the 18th of this month. cloths,food,drinks, and give aways. make sure you come early.
here are there videos step your game up.

IMPRM "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS I" from ginorocks on Vimeo.

IMPRM "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS II" from ginorocks on Vimeo.

you can also buy cloths online go get it! imperium


Thursday, July 2, 2009


i think this is a really cool poster tells you all about the great king micheal jackson